You should ask for help more often

Ask for Help Often - Don't go it Alone
Ask for help often – Don’t go it alone

You should ask for help more often.

Nobody really wants to though as we think its a sign of weakness.  We believe it suggests bad planning, or poor execution; that it is our fault.  Asking for help though is an essential personal career skill.

But is it really a sign of weakness to ask for help to reach your goals?  Or is it a sign of weakness to say that you explored every avenue and left no stone unturned to get the result you were looking for?

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It doesn’t matter how well you plan or execute your work, the world continues to turn and throws new challenges and changing circumstances at you.  The project you start will never be the same one day, one week, one month later.

A senior leader once said to me that he would be more frustrated if we missed a goal because we didn’t ask for the help we needed, rather than admit we had a need that he could support us with.

That is not managing yourself or your work. That is not a team effort.

So put your fears behind you, you’ll be thought of no less for asking for help.  In fact your may well be congratulated for effectively managing your work.

Good luck and share your stories in the comments below of when you have asked for help and succeeded.

Asking for help is just another form of learning, in this case from others.  If you have picked up something interesting from this post and are looking for more insights for a successful career, you might want to check out our Free Download eBook on getting results from successful email.

This post was inspired by one I read by Kevin Sheldrake over at The Boardroom, check it out.

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